czwartek, 29 kwietnia 2010

Something about Iwona

Hello! My name's Iwona. I'm almost 39 and I am still single! Actually, I 'm looking for a husband here :)

I live in Bialystok with my parents in a block of flats. I love swimming, dancing, reading books, travelling and meeting people. My favourite sweet is chocolate and my favourite colour is blue. I like drinking tea and beer :)

Not only am I pretty but also intelligent. I have two MA degrees!!! I am good at working on a computer in particular the Office programmes because all the presentations that you can see in Grundtvig's project "G.A.M.E." are made by me.

These are two photos of mine.
See you in Utena, Lithuania :)

Kisses, bye.

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  1. Hi Iwona, we are also looking forward to see you in Utena... I hopeqe could work and do things together.