poniedziałek, 3 maja 2010

Polish National Day

Today is National Day in Poland. We celabrate the 219th anniversary of Constitution 3rd May passing. So everybody has a holiday here and doesn't go to school or work. Lots of people moved from cities to the bosom of nature to relax, the rest organize spring picnics and grill the food.

We also have a religious holiday today. The holiday of Mather of God, the Queen of Poland.

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  1. Congratulations for the date. We are working and willing to see you in Utena. Some of the Catalan students wanted to post a comment but the use hotmail email and couldn't do it.

  2. Ok, I see. What a pity. But if no comments, no photos :( I am furious that we (students) cannot contact to each other.

  3. Maybe you may aloud to use Name/url identity too