wtorek, 25 maja 2010

Street games in Poland

Here is how my students play 2 popular street games.
The firs is ‘Ciuciubabka’ – one person has got a scarf on eyes, other people stay in a circle (in the middle is Ciuciubabka - ‘the blind person’), all the people turn the ciuciubabka around. They say ‘one two three ciuciubabka is looking’ and then they live ‘the blind person’, who has to catch someone.

Another game is called ‘Klasy’ – you have to draw some kind of a box on the ground and number the spaces from 1 to 10, then a player throw the rock on the firs space, when the player hits the correct space can jump all the places. The second person in the line has to throw the rock on the second space, when he/she misses the space can’t jump and other player takes the turn.

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